We will visit your home, survey and measure the area which allows us to provide a written, detailed quotation which will include the following;

Step 1

The area will be dug out and all soil, concrete, rubble etc will be removed. Depending on the size of the area involved a 360 excavator will be used

Step 2

A layer of dolomite will be added to a measurement of between 100-200mm, depending on the grounds stability

Step 3

Kerbs or edgings will be put in to retain the blocks, these will be concreted into place

Step 4

The whole area will receive a concrete base of approx 50-100mm, to add stability and 50mm of sand is added before the laying of the blocks (which range in thickness from 50-100mm)

Step 5

Blocks are laid to the customers requested pattern, please see examples page for various options. All blocks are cut using a stihl saw for neatness

Step 6

All blocks are whacked using a whacker and brushed with sand across the whole area ensuring it has fallen within the joints of the blocks

Step 7

The whole area will be left clean and tidy, we aim to cause as least inconvenience as possible to our customers during the process, and all debris will be removed and taken to an appropriate area