Solving off street parking with 3 driveways

Driveway, Patio • Chester-le-Street

Mr and Mrs Halpin in Chester-le-street contacted Drives R Us requesting advice and a quote on two projects for their house. The first project was to the front of the property where themselves and their next-door neighbours wanted one seamless double drive each. The second project was to the rear of their property were they were creating a second driveway and landscaping the garden with a patio area, steps and edging stones between two smaller lawn areas.

After a project brief and a plan the Drives R Us team started off by removing the original driveways and some front garden with micro diggers. Once the front area was all cleared the team confirmed with the customer where the cut off line was for each home then the ground was prepared with new dolomite and flattened correctly. A contrasting edging stone was used to show a divide and a clean finish. Both drives were completed and down the side of the houses creating a simple seamless look.

Project two started by re landscaping the back garden creating the correct levels for the patio and second driveway. The patio used a traditional cream stone while the driveway used the same hardwearing brick as the front driveway. Once complete the customer was over the moon with the finished project. Additional space created for off street parking was the goal and it was executed perfectly.

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* Please note these photo have been taken 8 years on to show the quality of workmanship and brickwork.