Cleaning up the front of our home

Driveway • Durham

Our latest customer in the Durham got in touch with Drives R Us after seeing our work on Facebook. To the front of their property was a smaller area in front of the main entrance which needed addressing. The old pathway and small arena of grass was a waste of space and didn't look attractive.

The plan was to utilise the full area for parking. Cleaning up the space with nice contrasting blocking paving to the original driveway. The customer went for a high quality Tobermore brick in the Tegula Trio range. This block colour and style complimented the house perfectly. A lighter inner block with a darker edging block to enclose the area. A new step was also created to enter the house.

This smaller project was completed in only two days. What a transformation. Cleaning up the area perfectly. The customer couldn’t get over the speed of the project and the finish. “ Thank Drives R Us. You haven't disappointed. A perfect job”

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