Bespoke BBQ patio area like no other

Our latest customer requested something very special and custom. Their vision was clear as they wanted to create a patio area which was like no other. Working closely with the customer and other contractors the Drives R Us team set out to create this modern artist patio BBQ area.

The Drives R us fitting team was tasked on fitting extra large slate like black tiles to a new garden patio which would encircle a large pond area and a BBQ entertaining section. Around the pond stand out large stone sculptures were positioned to match the contrasting edging of the patio stone tiles.

To complete the project specialised outdoor lighting was added, along with bespoke stone furniture and a centre piece stone well. The customer had a clear idea in their mind and it has been brought to life with support from the team. The customer said, "Now that is a patio area to be be proud of. Amazing job from the Drives R us team and everyone involved, thank you/"

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