Time for a new and bigger driveway

Driveway • Durham

A customer in the Durham area contacted the Drives R Us team after deciding they wanted to renew and extend their driveway.

Their original plan was to block pave the full front area of the house but after talking to the team, Drives R Us advised creating a smaller curved front grass area which would look nicer but also create the double driveway goal.

The customer went for a high quality Tobermore brick in the Beamish cobbles range. A timeless look block colour, Burnt ember. The Drive R us also needed to constructed an attractive step up to the front door and a drain at the garage door.

The Drives R us fitting team started the project by measuring out the turf area they were leaving. This area was shaped then the remaining grass and original paving was removed by a mini digger. Once cleared and flattened the area was prepared with new dolomite creating the perfect foundation for new block paving.

The project was completed in two days, with very little disturbance to the home owners as it was done during the week. The customer couldn’t get over the speed of the project and the finish. “ A job Drives R us should be proud of”

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