Driveway, Patio and footpaths. The full works at Wynyard Hall

Driveway, Patio & Footpaths • Wynward Hall

This project produced the WOW factor. An amazing opportunity for the Drives R Us team to showcase their experience and workmanship. Our customer Mr Mason from Wynyard Hall has lived in this very beautiful grand home for many years but the exterior area of the house was in need of a revamp.

The customer's son recommended Drives R Us after having his drive blocked paved earlier in the year. Once Mr Mason had seen the finish and products used, there was only one company to use for this large garden project.

The Drives R Us design team visited the property a number of times before starting the work to talk through designs and flag types to make sure Mr Mason was 100% satisfied. The paving block used was Durham Sett Cobbles (Moorland Grey).

The team started off by knocking down the original large retaining wall to open up the garden and dug up all of the old block paving. The whole driveway, patio area and footpaths around the house were prepared with new dolomite and flattened correctly. As pictured, the grand garden seat was actually dug and paved around because it was too fragile to move. New walls and steps were built to all doorways and up to the existing lawn area.

The customer was amazed at the workmanship and skill that had gone in to his new garden. "An amazing showcase project for the team to be proud of. Well done lads!"

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